MDNP 2021 Provider Training
including new Ounce Equivalents training

 This webinar provides annual mandatory training.
Must be completed prior to September 15, 2021
Click the “Webinar” picture below
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Watch it in its entirety to benefit from all the information.
The Oz. Equivalent resource to use with the training webinar should be
printed from the following link prior to starting the webinar:
2021 Ounce Equivalents Resources
Other useful resources referenced in the webinar for use with this training:      USDA’s CACFP Grains Oz. Eq. Resources webpage
Food Buying Guide – Exhibit A (if your product is not in the “Grains Measuring Chart”)       Online Tool            Printable Tool          Recipes

New Provider Training

will give you information on joining the CACFP program with MDNP.
Click on the photo ABOVE to join the webinar
Step 2 if needed :  CACFP Infant Training Webinar (if you have children under age 1)
The Infant Training video can be stopped at marker 38.18 for our purposes.  The rest of the video training has to do with filling out forms that we do not need due to using our software.
Step 3:  Join the MDNP CACFP New Crediting Handbook Training 2020