MDNP 2022 Annual Provider Training  

 This webinar provides annual mandatory training.
Must be completed prior to September 15, 2022

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Watch it in its entirety to benefit from all the information.

Useful resources referenced in the webinar
for use with this training:

Ounce Equivalents Resources                Food Buying Guide (app)

Additional resources can be found on the “Providers” page of our website 
including the Crediting Handbook, Feeding Infants Handbook,
Meal Patterns, Building for the Future posters and more.






New Provider Agreement Webinar

If you are ready to join sponsor organization MDNP as a child care provider, this is the training webinar you want to start with. We provide the information you need to get started with the CACFP and get your child care set up to begin receiving monthly reimbursements for the healthy meals you are providing the children in your care.